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The Story Of Tildy

It is New Years Eve and I am determined to Blog more this year, I am not going to use the word that we all use at the beginning of the year and then we stop doing what we vow to do! I will just say that I will be blogging more! I often get the question of your name #Tildy? What is a #Tildy? Who is #Tildy? Is #Tildy a #Flower? So I thought my last blog of #2017/ first blog or #2018 would be to answer the Story of #Tildy ~

When I started my journey in the world of #weddings I was just out of school with my education in Interior Design. It was then I decided that I did not want to go into the field of interior Design....hehehe who does that, right?! Long story short there was an opening at my Church for a #Wedding #Coordinator, and I was up for an adventure. After two years with the Church, my own company Bridal~by~the~Sea was born.

After enjoying many years as a #Wedding #Coordinator, I had couples asking me if there were any #florist that would take smaller orders, because they were having a hard time finding a #florist that would take a smaller #wedding party. I went to one of the #florists that i worked closely with and asked if they would be willing to assist my smaller #wedding parties, they said that it was just a bit to much during the busy #wedding season. I even offered to deliver the #flowers, they said that if that was the case I could only use them and not work with any other #florists. As a #Coordinator, I could not do that, I had to work with all #vendors! So all that being said, I figured I had an Art back round, I visited a fellow #vendor, #floral #designer, and friend. I told her I would give her free labor all winter, I would sign a non compete agreement, and I would never take an event anywhere near her! She said ...come on down!

That next Spring I started offering #Floral #Design Services to my couples, simple and sweet at first. And there was still the issue of THE NAME. Where does one go when you have an issue of grand size ...#MOM. My #Mom said rather simply, why not just call it #Tildy, i replied. That's great #Mom but what it a #Tildy? Well a Tilde is the squiggly line that is in the middle of your Bridal~by~the~Sea but no one will be able to figure that out so you should just call it #Tildy because it came out of Bridal~by~the~Sea! And for some odd reason that made perfect sense to me! And I thought it would make perfect sense to others! So I came up with the Tag Line ....#D0YouTildy?

I now have clients / friends that call me #Tildy and I gladly answer to it ....

#Spring #Blooms To Make Us #Smile on This Cold #NewYeasEve #Doyoutildy

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